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case study



1. the client brief

circus hair studio is a full service hair salon:

explain to clients how to correctly clean hair by creating an explainer video from concept to completion

turn around  4 weeks  

client provided sit down q&a covering the facts about hair cleaning 



2. research

my first step in taking on this type of project is doing lots of research and educating myself so i can understand what the client is trying to communicate

i spent a lot of time on various hair care and product websites viewing information like this:



3. concepts

goal: to come up with a clever way to present to clients the idea that shampoo is not necessary to properly clean your hair

after sketching ideas and working with the client on the overall concept, we landed on the idea to use the visual metaphor of presenting this information from the point of view of a 'hair' giving a 'hed' talk-aka 'ted' talk

Sketches 1_edited.jpg
Sketches 2_edited.jpg

4. script

from here, i wrote a script to fit within the timeframe while including all the necessary elements

5. design

goal: to determine a general style with regard to project timeline, and concept/script,

moodboard was created to include several style options for consideration

6. style frames

once the style was determined, i created style frames that were representative of the video as a whole

throughout the design process, i strove to find simple, clever ways to visualize key concepts

MGMC2_Wk3-End Stage2.jpg

7. visual storyboard/with script

once the style was set, the remaining frames were created and married with the script (including a scratch vo) for timing 

8. animation/anamatic*

last, i animated the frames into the final version of the video

*for some videos, an anamatic is created


9. voice recording, music, sound design

once the animation was solid, i selected a vo artist, had that recorded, and placed it into the video

in addition, i selected music, and added sound effects, and mixed the audio

10. That's a wrap!

this was a great topic to dig into and consolidate into a simple message

for a month, i became an expert in how to wash my own hair using only hot water and friction

conclusion: i have to say, it really works!

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